Mini Toasted Yolk Turrón
Mini Toasted Yolk Turrón

Mini Toasted Yolk Turrón

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Turrón is an Spanish sweet eaten in Christmas. This variety, the traditional egg yolk turrón is completely handmade from selected marcona almonds, eggs and orange blossom honey. It has a soft, buttery texture, but a lovely dewy honey taste.

In 1961, Ricardo Coloma García acquired the brand and the 1780 machines from Eliseo Miquel, a famous artisan who used to sell turrón on fairs and markets. He then created Coloma García, which is specialized in this Christmas sweet and its liquid varieties for confectionery.

Net weight: 80 g

  • Ingredients: almond (32%), candied yolk (17%), sugar, preservative (E-200) and E-100 coloring.
  • Allergens: eggs, nuts, sucrose.

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