Mini Toasted Yolk Turrón
Mini Toasted Yolk Turrón

Mini Toasted Yolk Turrón

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Turrón is a Spanish sweet eaten at Christmas. This variety, the traditional egg yolk turrón, is completely handmade from selected marcona almonds, eggs and orange blossom honey. It has a soft, buttery texture, but a lovely dewy honey taste. The mini size is the perfect on the go treat!

In 1961, Ricardo Coloma García acquired the brand and the 1780 machines from Eliseo Miquel, a famous artisan who used to sell turrón at fairs and markets. He then created Coloma García, which specialises in this Christmas sweet and its liquid varieties for confectionery.

Net weight: 80 g

  • Ingredients: almonds (32%), candied yolk (17%), sugar, preservative (E-200) and E-100 colouring.
  • Allergens: eggs, nuts, sucrose.

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