Real Fábrica Gift Card

Real Fábrica Gift Card

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This Real Fábrica gift card is sure to get you extra brownie points! If you are not 100% sure on what your friend or loved one may want, a gift card is the perfect solution, so that they can choose for themselves!

Simply choose the value you want for the gift card, and the recipient can exchange it for any Real Fábrica product(s) of the value on the card! We will send it to you via your email address with the recipient's name. 

Real Fábrica gift cards have an expiration date of 6 years. They can be spent whenever you want and on whatever you want in any of our product categories: amazing food, cooking utensils and tools, home decor, accessories, books, crafts... the list goes on! 

Expiry: Valid for 6 years 

Any queries, please contact us at:

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