Maja Talc Powder
Maja Talc Powder

Maja Talc Powder

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Maja perfumed talc powder will remind Spaniards of their grandma's dresser for its old looks and classic fragrance. This product softens and smoothes the skin and also provides a pleasant sensation of freshness. Perfect to use everyday.

The soap's packaging displays an image of the mysterious and exotic dancer from Seville, Tórtola Valencia, who performed her captivating dances worldwide at the beginning of the 20th century.

  • Content: 150 g

At Real Fábrica we have a total of 1,700 products, of which 99.98% are produced in Spain. There are a few that are not, there is a very good reason, so allow us to explain. For example, because of their excellent quality or because we are proud of their Hispanic roots. Both of these reasons apply to the Maja soaps and perfumes, due to the company originating in Barcelona in the 20th century, we fell in love with their history, their Spanish tradition, their ethos, and for their appreciation of Tórtola Valencia and because we smell their products and are reminded of the beauty of our country. Maja was bought by a Mexican company a couple of years ago, because they too fell in love with the brand. However, we decided to keep their products in our shop. 

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