Payés Pepper Sausage
Payés Pepper Sausage
Payés Pepper Sausage

Payés Pepper Sausage

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Salchichón is a tasty delicacy that can be best described as being a mix of cold meat and jerky, something similar to chorizo. It's really popular here in Spain because it's full of flavour thanks to its specific ageing process.

The salchichón we sell is different. This Legitimate Vic Salchichón by Casa Riera Ordeix is unique. It stands out for its colour, its texture and flavour. The added pepper gives this sausage a special and slightly spicier flavour. This Iberian spicy sausage has a nostalgic aroma, because it was first produced by Reira Ordix over 160 years ago, meaning that when you buy this salchichón, you are buying a piece of the history of Spanish gastronomy with it.

 This product is made by a family company: José Riera Font who was from Vic (a town near Barcelona) and he started producing this by hand and selling them until he founded Casa Riera Ordeix which has been going for more than six generations.

Net weight: 300 g

Ingredients: pork lean and pork shoulder (190.5 g to make 100 g of the final product), salt, maltodextrin, glucose, pepper, rosemary extract, and potassium nitrate preservative. Natural sausage casing. 

Nutritional information per 100g:

- Energy: 1,849 kJ/445 kcal

- Fats: 33 g 

- of which are saturated: 12 g

- Carbohydrates: 2.1 g 

- of which are sugars: 1 g

- Protein: 35 g

- Salt: 4.2 g

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