Sayings and Tales Book (ES)

Sayings and Tales Book (ES)

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The vision that the folklorists, with Don Antonio Machado Álvarez being at their head, had was the idea that the world was an immense territory that scattered superior knowledge to that which had emerged from academic institutions (information that academics often looked down on) : the special kind of knowledge, that without being aware of its own value was treasured and transmitted from one generation to the next, by everyday people, who were often illiterate, back in the day. 

José Luis Agúndez spent years on this book, collecting and ordering sayings (the sayings were one of the most important parts of folklore) that briefly summarise and give meaning to well known stories from the past. 'Refranes con cuento' (Sayings and tales) is an encyclopaedia, which is quite unusual nowadays, but is absolutely essential for anyone. 

  • Author: José Luis Agúndez García
  • Number of pages: 536 pp.
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Publisher: ALMUZARA
  • Language: SPANISH
  • ISBN: 9788417797027

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