Sun-dried Tomato Pâté
Sun-dried Tomato Pâté
Sun-dried Tomato Pâté

Sun-dried Tomato Pâté

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This pâté is a special part of Spanish gastronomy, we recommend keeping this paté for when you're feeling adventurous. It is a mixture of bold flavours that is difficult to describe in words. The fusion of flavours from the classic savoury pork paté from the mountains mixed with the touch of Mediterranean cuisine with a hint of sun-dried tomatoes is really worth a try!

This delicious tomato paté comes from the 'Valle de Arán' in Catalonia, in the very north east of Spain. The flavour is unique, and the mix of traditional pork, from pigs that graze in the mountains with Mediterranean dried tomatoes, is the perfect blend of salty and sweet flavours. 

Net weight: 100 g

Ingredients: pig fat, bacon, liver, pepper, fragrant sherry, salt, dried tomatoes, garlic, fat and bay leaves

Allergens: contains dairy and sulphites 

Nutritional information per 100g: 

- Energy: 778.2 kJ / 186.0 kcal

- Grasas: 13.4 g

- Of which are saturated: 6.6 g

- Fiber: 0.6 g

- Protein: 13.9 g

- Salt: 0.5 g

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