Fig Marmalade - 200 g

Fig Marmalade - 200 g

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This tasty fig jam is an ideal sweet compliment for breakfast, on a slice of toast, over butter or with a cheese spread. The jam is made with the best ingredients and following an entirely artisanal process, with no preservatives, colourings or flavourings. 

La Cuna is a new family business that came up with the idea of recovering and improving authentic artisanal products from the different regions of Spain so that they do not get taken over by any industrial chains or large scale manufacturing, and instead, maintain the traditional, handmade with love and patience approach to artisanal production. The ingredients are sourced from different Spanish regions, meaning that this marmalade is truly Spanish!

  • Weight: 200 g
  • Ingredients: Figs (72%), Sugar and Lemon
Nutritional properties per 100 g:

  • Energy: 570 kJ / 135 kcal
  • Fat: 1.0 g
  • Of which saturated: 0.3 g
  • Carbohydrates: 27.9 g
  • Of which sugar: 27.9 g
  • Protein: 1.3 g
  • Fibre: 4.5 g
  • Sodium: 0.0 g
Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Once opened, store in the refrigerator and consume within 15 days.

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