Quince Puente Genil La Góndola - Quince Girl

Quince Puente Genil La Góndola - Quince Girl

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Homemade quince sweets, made with fresh seasonal quinces from the garden. The precious brand La Gónodola uses quince flower, which is similar to the almond flower. The quince mince meat is sure to add a delicious and special touch to a cheese board that you share with family and friends on a sunny afternoon! 

It all begins in the quince plantations where each year, in September the fruits are hand-selected on the tree at the perfect moment of ripeness. There are no secrets to this technique. It is all a matter of time, patience, practise and tradition, using raw materials and dedication. By using this method, the quince meat is obtained with the highest quality and with the same flavour as when they were picked by hand by our parents and grandparents.

The Cordovan population of Puente Genil, located on the banks of the Genil River, can boast of having the greatest tradition in the production and manufacture of the best quince meat in the world. The origins of the La Gónodola company date back to 1914 when D. Antonio Aguilar Berral decided to produce quince meat and olive oil of a much higher quality than anything else on the market at the time.

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