Buganvilla Mohair Blanket

Buganvilla Mohair Blanket

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The blankets have been handmade using traditional techniques since the 1930s by the artisans from Ezcaray, in La Rioja region of Northern Spain, which is situated very near to a Ski area, meaning there is no better place these warm and cosy blankets could originate from!

You haven't experienced the real feeling of being cosy until you try one of these mohair blankets. They are handmade with 18th century looms using luxurious mohair.

They last forever, so here in Spain it's very common to inherit your grandma's blanket, due to their lasting high quality!

  • Size: 130 x 200 cm
  • Composition 73% Mohair, 24% Sheep's Wool and 3% Polyamide
  • Ref .: P3325

The recommended maintenance for this blanket to be eternal is to brush it with a hard bristled brush in the direction of the hair. It is recommended never to wash it with water, in any case dry cleaning.

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