La tortilla de patatas

La tortilla de patatas

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This book is the graphic history of the Spanish omelette, and it is brought to us by one of our best chefs: David de Jorge, known as Robin Food.

David de Jorge joins forces with illustrator Javi Royo to tell the story of an essential dish of Spanish gastronomy: the Spanish omelette.

He relates the origins of the potato omelette and its original recipe, explains how the omelette becomes a rich object of experimentation in the hands of great chefs who are dedicated to creating delicious variants of the original recipe ... Until we reach the final chapter: the awesome omelette.

  • Author: Javirroyo; Jorge David
  • Number of pages: 176 pages.
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Publisher: DEBATE
  • Language: SPANISH
  • ISBN: 9788499926483

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