3/4L Tall Spotty Jug- Green

3/4L Tall Spotty Jug- Green

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This beautiful green spotty jug can be used for anything you want! For example, for displaying flowers around your home, for soups, cold drinks, and even gazpachos! 

The rustic green spotty design gives a splash of the perfect neutral green to show off to your guests in your home. This subtly decorated jug can sit on any display cabinet as the perfect decoration. The earthy green tones will complement the bright orange colour of a gazpacho!

Each jug is handmade, in Galicia using a potter's wheel by our potter, Nano, who loves to listen to rock music whilst making his pieces of pottery, this gives the pottery an extra bit of edge!


-Microwave and dishwasher safe 

-measurements: 10x20cm

-capacity: 0.75l

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