Xoriguer Menorca Gin

Xoriguer Menorca Gin

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Menorca is a Mediterranean island that was ruled by the British over two hundred years ago, during the majority of the 18th century. Thousands of English sailors and soldiers went to the islands and visited the taverns, and when they arrived in the pubs, they couldn't find the liquor they were used to: gin. Therefore, some Mahon artisans found the solution to the problem: they created their own gin, by importing juniper berries and distilling gin on the island from Mediterranean wine.

Xoriguer is the name of the old windmill built in 1784, that the Pons family from Menorca used to turn wheat into white flour for many generations. D. Miguel Pons Justo chose the virtues of this artisan tradition (dedication, quality and tradition) for his liqueur company, and turned the windmill into the emblem and image of his 100 year old family business. 

A mix of the old copper stills, aromatic herbs, hand selected juniper berries and alcohol wine create this mediterranean gin. After the gin is distilled, it is stored in oak barrels.

  • Content: 1 L
  • Alcohol: 38%

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