Xoriguer Menorca Gin

Xoriguer Menorca Gin

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This gin is the result of the distillation in old copper tanks of high quality wine with selected juniper berries from Mediterranean mountains close to Menorca, as well as other aromatic herbs. Once the process of distillation is finished, the gin is stored in large oak barrels to bottle it later.

Menorca is a Mediterranean island which belonged to the British crown over two hundred years ago, during the most part of the XVIII century. Thousands of English sailors and soldiers took the islands and visited the taverns, where they couldn't find the liquor they were used to: gin.
It was not long before some Mahon artisans found the solution to the problem: they imported juniper berries and distilled gin on the island from Mediterranean wine.
  • Content: 1 L
  • 38% Vol.

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