The Book of Gloria Fuertes (ES)
The Book of Gloria Fuertes (ES)

The Book of Gloria Fuertes (ES)

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Finally, in the same book, the life and work of a brilliant poet who saw her career become judged first by her gender, then by her social class and finally by her fame. This book is all about the real Gloria Fuertes. It includes: 

  • 448 pages in full color.
  • More than 300 poems, several unpublished
  • 80 never seen before photos
  • 12 drawings by Gloria
  • The most complete biography to date
  • 25 anecdotes about her life spread throughout the book,  encounters and disagreements of the poet (not a poetess!)
  • Her encounters with the press 
  • Pages of her notebooks
  • Flyers and invitations to her readings (no recitals!)
  • Precious/sentimental objects
  • A 16 page comic book, "The work of Carmen Segovia", which narrates a scene from her time as a university professor in the United States.
  • Author: Gloria Fuertes
  • Number of pages: 448 pages
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Blackie Books
  • Language: Spanish
  • ISBN: 978841629073

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