Palm Basket with Long Leather Straps - Make your own Gourmet Pack
Palm Basket with Long Leather Straps - Make your own Gourmet Pack

Palm Basket with Long Leather Straps - Make your own Gourmet Pack

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Here in Spain, braiding palm leaves is one of the most traditional and oldest trades in our culture, but it's getting harder finding artisans who still work with this material. They are able to create amazing baskets, animal heads, mats, bags... anything you can think of!

This classic basket is perfect to spice up your summer looks or for your kids to use. Take it to the beach with you, filled with snacks, suncream and towels! Traditionally it is handcrafted with natural palm tree leaves in Andalusia, southern Spain. The leather straps give this rustic bag a special touch! You can also use it to display flowers, store your children's toys or fill it with our products and give it as a gift basket to your loved ones.

  • These baskets have one handle that is longer than the other, to make it more comfortable when you carry it and so it sits straight.
  • The leather may vary. Some straps may be more rigid than others, due to the different parts of the leather pieces that are used. The colour of the handles may vary, some may be darker and some lighter (but they are always leather coloured) 
  • The basket bags are not tinted. 
  • Due to the techniques used to make these basket bags, there may be a small 'jump/ridge' around the rim, where the weaving of the bag finishes. 
  • Being a handmade product, measurements may vary. These measurements are approximate:
  • Base size: 28 x 15 cm (the base is not totally flat) 
  • Rim size: 47 x 32 cm
  • Height: 30 cm
  • Length of handle: 41 cm

This product is not produced in Spain. At Real Fábrica, we have a total of 1700 products, 20 of which are not made in our country. However, we have decided to include them in our shop for a very legitimate reason. In this case, you have requested for us to have more affordable baskets, to create your own gourmet packs, so here you have it! However, it is our responsibility to inform you that the bags/baskets that our artisans produce in Spain, are of higher quality, dedication and craftsmanship than this basket, and therefore have a higher price (any basket that you find that costs less than €15, is most likely produced outside of Spain).

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