Small Handle Chestnut Basket
Small Handle Chestnut Basket

Small Handle Chestnut Basket

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This gorgeous chestnut basket with a small handle is the perfect gift for home and kitchen decor lovers! Place it in the centre of your table with some fruit as a decoration! 

These chestnut products are made using artisan techniques with chestnut wood, by our artisans in Salamanca. The type of craftsmanship of this wood is very typical in this area but, unfortunately it is seen less and less nowadays.

First the wood is collected by hand and made into sticks, roasted in the oven to remove moisture and give it some colour. After dividing it into sections, the strips are braided, with great patience and care, moistening the leaves throughout the whole process, so that they have more flexibility.

Size: 28 x 11 cm approx

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