Celtiberia Show
Celtiberia Show

Celtiberia Show

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Jorge Manrique said in their songs that "any past was better." We could not sign this statement Franc children, those who grew up in the protracted war. Now, what is indisputable is that at that time we were younger, but also more naive and trusting. And today we remember him with that strange mixture of pleasure and pain of nostalgia.

This book describes situations and recover images that marked our childhood games and toys they spent hours, books and comics that gave us endless adventures, songs, cards, films, photographs and experiences that form a perfect family album collective. And, as John

Eslava Galán in his foreword: "Nearly half a century is more than enough time to address reposado and accurate analysis of the time it was. This is what in these pages does Xavier Gassió, concurring in the memory of his own childhood and the scrupulous examination, not only of written sources, but, even more meritorious, sources materials with which this book is superbly illustrated ".

  • Nº de páginas: 256 págs.
  • Encuadernación: Tapa blanda
  • Editorial: MAEVA
  • Lengua: CASTELLANO
  • ISBN: 9788416363124
  • Dimensiones: 25 x 20 cm 

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