Cáceres Oval ceramic tray
Cáceres Oval ceramic tray
Cáceres Oval ceramic tray

Cáceres Oval ceramic tray

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The showstopper of plates! Whatever is on the menu, serve it with pride on this beautifully decorated ceramic tray.

You can now have your own traditional ceramic plate from Cáceres! Our potter, Jose is the 5th generation of potters in his family, and he tries to maintain and conserve the same traditional techniques and handmade decorative elements as his ancestors. Jose's pieces of pottery can be identified by the floral motifs, which are very typical of ceramic pieces from Cáceres, as well as by the vibrant colours around the edge of the pottery. 


This pottery piece conserves the tradition of a 100 year old trade, for this reason, the motifs and colours may vary. We will send you the trays we have available, but don't worry because they are all beautiful. 

Our potter has assured us that because these pottery pieces experience high heat in the kilns, they are dishwasher and microwave safe. 

-measurements: 35x21cm

-weight: 1.085kg

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