Flock of 6 Swallows
Flock of 6 Swallows

Flock of 6 Swallows

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This flock of stylized, long-tailed black swallows that chirps at your window when they come and go to warn you that spring is about to arrive and the sea is almost ready to spend the summer. Now you can put in your living room the original version of those that for decades have adorned Spanish houses, especially in the Spanish east. For something they are called swallows or oronetas. Made in ceramics with the original molds of 1921 from the Valencian ceramic factory of the artist G. Martinez, today it is their children who send these pieces flying to anyone who wants to pose them on their wall. Black ceramic swallows that will remind you every day that the long sunny afternoons are near.

  • Ceramic swallows will arrive at your home in a beautiful kraft box, alone, in pairs or in a flock of 6, accompanied by a leaflet that tells the story of these traditional Spanish swallows.
  • The swallows are porcelain-ceramic and are made very slowly by hand in Valencia. Take advantage because when they are finished we take weeks to bring them back (production is one at a time and slowly).
  • They have a small hole behind them so they can be hung with an easy-hanger, lace or the like, zero complication.

Size: 12 x 12 x 4 cm

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