Calasparra Bomba Rice

Calasparra Bomba Rice

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The lands watered by the rivers Segura and El Mundo, on their way through the shires of Calasparra and Moratalla in Murcia, and Hellín in Albacete, are the areas which produce,the best rice in the world, the rice from "Coto Arrocero de Calasparra", thus designated by Royal Decree on 1 st February,1908.

It's ecological environment is clearly different as regards other rice growing areas, as it is cultivated in a mountainous and sunny region, and its annual production is very limited. Here is where the very exclusive rice"Flor de Calasparra" is grown, with Protected Denomination of Origen.
Considered essential by the best Spanish chefs, it adorns the tables of leading restaurants and is known worldwide, as it a is small grained white rice, which grows up to 100% in length and in width with cooking.
Net Weight: 500 gSize: 10.5 x 21 cm

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