Al Borde de un Ataque de Compras

Al Borde de un Ataque de Compras

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In this book you will find ingenious, simple and effective guidelines that will greatly simplify our work as consumers and consumers, but without lecturing or blaming, for that we are already ourselves, and they facilitate the way to a more conscious and responsible way of life .

Conscious and responsible consumption, taking into account all the social and environmental implications, is an increasingly easy goal to achieve. But like voting, every option linked to consumption is ultimately a political decision with which we shape our reality day by day, since it involves interests of all kinds that, unknowingly, we may be supporting against our own values .

Appealing to the common sense that inhabits all of us and avoiding any kind of fanaticism, Brenda Chávez deftly weaves a series of surprising data, revealing examples and practical advice available to anyone. The first step to deprogram some market logic that we have totally internalized and that they exert a powerful influence on us without us hardly realizing it.

  • Author: Brenda Chávez
  • Publisher: Debate
  • Spanish language
  • Number of pages: 256
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9788417636630

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