Soda Sachets
Soda Sachets

Soda Sachets

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In this little box, there are 12 sachets of powdered soda made by the Spanish company Barrachina to prepare a digestive and refreshing soda water. All you need to do to make this thirst quenching drink is add the content of 1 sachet in one litre of water, whisk it and allow it to dissolve, and enjoy!

Before either Fanta or Coca Cola made their way into Spanish homes, these sachet sodas were well known throughout the country. The company Barrachina was born in 1925, and their soda quickly became a bestseller under the name "The National Flag with the cross of St.James"

Net Weight: 12 sachets of 11 g - 132 g

Box Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 5 cm

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