Oil Dispenser - Blue

Oil Dispenser - Blue

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This olive oil dispenser is a staple product in all Spanish kitchens, it is used to pour and store different types of oil.

 Oil, specifically olive oil is a very important part of mediterranean culture and cuisine and contains many health benefits. Spain is one of the most important producers of olive oil in the world! Olive oil is a symbol of wealth and its culture and recipes.

The oil dispenser allows for a perfect pour, with its thin spout so you can use just the right amount of oil to add the finishing touches to a dish, or use it for your recipes 

The large storage capacity and easily refillable design allows you to use this oil dispenser with ease around your kitchen or on your dining room table. 


-measurements: 18cm 

-capacity- 330ml

Being a handmade product, the measurements may vary 

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