24 Mozas - Toro Oak Red Wine 2020
24 Mozas - Toro Oak Red Wine 2020

24 Mozas - Toro Oak Red Wine 2020

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As they sing in Toro: "Twenty-four girls went to a wedding, twenty-five went, because the bride was going. Because the bride was going, because the best man was going, twenty-four girls were on their way." For this stanza of the Zamoran copla "Tío Baru" the wineries Bodegas Divina Proporción have baptized one of their reds "24 mozas". Thus they pay homage to the city where they make their wine: Toro.

It is a delicious wine, with an intense aroma of blackberries. And if you are one of those who buy wine by the label, you will love this bottle, because it is a manila shawl full of flowers and fringes.

Don't stay with the desire to sing! You have written the lyrics of the couplet on the cork to guide you.

  • Content: 75 cl
  • Aroma: Intense, with aromas of black fruit (blackberry), notes of coconut and very marked spices
  • Colour: Garnet red
  • Taste: Dry, with a tasty acidity. Noble tannins, with good structure. Fruity and spicy finish. Very persistent.
  • Recommended serving temperature: 14 - 15ºC
  • Alcohol: 13.5
  • Grape type: Tinta de toro
  • Pairing suggestion: Roasted red meats

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