1080 Recipes. 100 Year Special

1080 Recipes. 100 Year Special

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There are many fans of this work in the field of Spanish culinary. This recipe book is a staple in everyone's kitchens, even in our grandparents' kitchens. It was the book that was gifted to newlyweds, back in our parents' day, so that they could have a good base to add their own family recipes, that they create throughout their married lives. 

if you have inherited a copy, make sure that you look after it as if your life depends on it, but when it is time to renew it, renew it with the special edition in honour it being 100 years since the birth of its author, Simone Ortega. If you've never owned one, you don't know what you're missing until now.

1080 recipes for cooking, no more and no less, it's one of the greatest publishing successes of our country. This edition is a tribute to the author, that promoted a radical change in the concept of food in our country. 


Author- Simone Ortega 

Number of pages: 1104

binding type soft cover 

publisher: Alianza Editorial 

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 9788491817338

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