101 Places to visit on St. James' Way (ES)

101 Places to visit on St. James' Way (ES)

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Few pilgrims find the time and enough energy to go out and complete the full route of St. James' way, and visit the surrounding villages and sites. Pilgrims will remember the importance of visiting the sites, some that they may have not seen before. 

Antón Pombo, winner of the International Aymeric Picaud award, for his investigatory work and for spreading the teachings of St James, the patron saint of Spain, has completed St.James' way on numerous occasions. This book recommends 101 places to visit, some well known, some less heard of, to attract new travellers. It is a beautiful way to complete the Way of St. James time and time again. 

  • Author: Antón Pombo Rodriguez
  • Number of pages: 232
  • Binding style: Softback
  • Editor: Anaya Touring
  • Language: Spanish
  • ISBN: 9788491583042

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