1000 Places to Visit in Spain

1000 Places to Visit in Spain

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Sometimes it is fun to take a trip and visit different and exciting places. It is easy to forget that our own country has its own wonders that we're not aware of.

This book can be your travel guide, even if you do not use it as a guide whilst you travel. The author immerses the reader into each of the places that he describes, transporting them into the places he describes using stories and anecdotes

"In Spain there are between 50,000-100,000 amazing places to visit. A list of 1000 more places that are worth visiting isn't yet complete. This is why I have decided to make my list as balanced as possible, so that it includes the essential places in Spain for lovers of art, Spanish scenery, food, mysterious and unusual places, history, exoticism style, parties, archeology etc... This book is therefore, a varied mix of fascinating places in which I have tried to incorporate the different tastes of Spanish people. I am sure that every place that this book highlights will give you an unforgettable experience" Juan Eslava

  • Author: Juan Eslava Galán 
  • Number of pages: 1088
  • Bookbinding: Softcover 
  • Editor: Martinez Roca
  • Language: Spanish
  • ISBN: 9788427030039

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