Sanandresiño Staircase - Work
Sanandresiño Staircase - Work

Sanandresiño Staircase - Work

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The medium size is perfect to hang as an ornament on your Christmas tree, the mini size can serve as a charm on a bracelet or as a pendant around the neck.

The sanandresiños or sanandreses are fetishes made manually in San Andrés de Teixido and sold exclusively on site. These are some bread crumb amulets (a symbol of hospitality and friendship) that reproduce different figures related to San Andrés, bringing luck to those who have them. Each one of them symbolizes a particular area in which who owns it wants to achieve success: food, friendship, love, studies, peace, protection, health, work and travel.

These are figures of unfermented bread dough that the residents themselves knead and shape, then cook them and finally carefully color with aniline. Each figure is unique because they are modeled by hand at the will of different countrymen from San Andrés de Teixido.

The making of the Sanandresiños originates from the Reginas de Cedeira, a family that for centuries designed and elaborated these fetishes and that have passed the inheritance from generation to generation. It is worth appreciating that these are maintained today and that the inhabitants of San Andrés dedicate long hours of the day and night to carefully elaborate each figure that we take home already blessed from the town, hence its power and its magical virtue .


  • Medium: 8.3 x 5.3 cm 
  • Mini: 5.5 x 3 

The ladder symbolizes work. Colors may vary, but don't worry they are all very cool, 

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