Blanket from Zamora
Blanket from Zamora
Blanket from Zamora
Blanket from Zamora

Blanket from Zamora

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Back in the 17th century, Zamora was a crossing point on the  'wool route' between Extremadura (Southern Spain) and Valladolid (Central Spain). Thanks to the wool road, an important textile tradition began in the area, specialising in the treatment of wool and the creation of handmade blankets from Zamora started!

The main characteristic of this fabric is the impressive degree of isolation that sheep wool has, (the only "hollow" fibre that exists), thanks to a traditional process of obtaining and combing it, they can get thousands of natural "air chambers" which can insulate the cold.

The origin of this craft came during the repopulation of Zamora, with people from different places coming to the city after the Arab incursion. Within the community a large group of people from Palencia stood out. This group settled in the northwestern suburbs, just outside of the original city walls, where they organised and started the wool weaving and spinning industry in the area!

The wool is 100% pure sheep wool, and by using special manufacturing techniques, a warm and breathable lightweight material is created!

  • Size: 180 x 140 cm approx
  • Composition: 100% Pure Virgin Wool
  • Natural virgin wool has a certain scent (no softeners or chemicals are used), but over time, and washing, the smell will disappear

This blanket can be hand washed with mild or special wool detergent in cold water (30 degrees max.). Avoid shaking or hitting, leave the blanket to dry in a horizontal position, and avoid direct sunlight. Professional dry cleaning is advised.

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