Premium Smoked Meat from León
Premium Smoked Meat from León
Premium Smoked Meat from León

Premium Smoked Meat from León

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If you have ever tried beef jerky and liked it, you'll love Spanish smoked and slated meat! To make this high quality meat, the family company Cecinas Nieto hand selects the very best and lean hind quarters from the cow, and then smokes them with oak and then cure it for a minimum of twelve months, to get that unique and delicious flavour, for you to enjoy with a glass of wine and some fresh bread and olive oil. 

This gourmet product has gained recognition worldwide and you can find it in high end, exclusive department stores across the globe, such as Harrods in London. 

The family company was founded in 1965 by José Nieto Blas in Astorga, León in the north of Spain, who was the descendent of a family of muleteers, so he learnt the traditional techniques of the trade from his family. The family company has always kept the same values of quality and tradition when making their meat. Their methods of making these delicious meats, is by using earth, wind, water, fire and time to create each unique and artisan piece of this tasty and classic Spanish delight. 

It is advised that you take the meat out of the fridge a few minutes before consumption 

- Net weight: 80 g

- Ingredients: Carne de vaca 

Nutritional information per 100 g:

- Energy: 327 kcal

- Protein: 67.9 g 

- Fat: 19.7 g

Keep stored in a cool, dry place, away from light 

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