Martínez Lacuesta Vermouth

Martínez Lacuesta Vermouth

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The Vermouth from La rioja not only has its very own name, 'Vermut Lacuesta' (Lacuesta Vermouth), but a special secret, called 'La Conzia',which is an expert formula used to make an artisan vermouth that has been produced since 1937. Vermouth and 'marianito' (half vermouth) are prepared using a combination of strengths of the secret formula. Lacuesta Vermouth can be enjoyed in many ways, for example with olives, cheese or even sushi, from the bottle with some ice or draught. 

In the middle of the civil war, the Martínez Lacuesta brothers decided to enter into the world of wines and aperitifs and increase their product range. In the 1930s they bought the exclusive 'La conzia' recipe from D. José María Jové, a Catalan with Swiss descent. 

This artisan formula incorporates aromatic plants and herbs from various sources, together with white wine and ageing French oak barrels, gives the Lacuesta Vermouth its delicious and unique flavour, which makes it the perfect base for making cocktails! 

Since the beginning they have investigated creating different formulas to produce different varieties, each one with the distinctive, classic and contemporary flavour of Martinez Lacuesta  products.

Content: 75 cl Vol: 15 %

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