Celia: The Governess in America (ES)
Celia: The Governess in America (ES)
Celia: The Governess in America (ES)
Celia: The Governess in America (ES)

Celia: The Governess in America (ES)

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Celia: the governess in America was published for the first time in 1944, and is one of the most important titles in the 'Celia and her world' collection.

The young bookworm from the first volumes of the series, is now a young woman, who is exiled in Argentina, and testifies the disappearance of the voice of the generation of female writers, active before the Spanish Civil War and the protagonists of republican feminism, who left their country in 1939, just like Elena Fortún herself, who left behind modernity that was interrupted by the war and the dictatorship.

The sisters Yunga and Beba and little Walter will now hear the tales, songs and lessons of Celia, the governess in the institutionalist line that is so passionately defended by Elena Fortún.

Being temporarily free from family ties, Celia offers an objective viewpoint of what a hostile environment would look like. Before returning home and to the family environment, epiphanies about love, women, independence and writing stay in her heart.

Elena Fortún (Madrid, 1886-1952). The creator of the celebrated novels 'Celia' who is the most symbolic children's character in Spanish literature. Fortún started to publish the adventures of this young girl from Madrid, who wanted to be a writer, in 1928 in the children's section of Gente Menuda (little people). She told her stories through Celia's experiences and the other protagonists from the saga. 

  • Author: Elena Fortún
  • Number of pages: 280 
  • Book binding style: Softcover
  • Publisher: Renacimiento
  • Language: Spanish
  • Size: 21 x 15 cm
  • ISBN: 9788416246397

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