Popular Spanish Songs (ES)

Popular Spanish Songs (ES)

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The book 'Popular Spanish songs' written by Francisco José Rodriguez Marín, was recommended by the singer Rosalía in Babelía. This is what she said: 

"Morentes turned to this book to find lyric suggestions and to create his songs. He, just like many others, knew that flamenco is the music of the people and his lyrics are a work of art. In 'famous Spanish songs' I discovered bars that any urban artist would pay for. This book is a gem. It contains verses full of stories about falling in love, the suburbs, the matriarch, death etc... For me, this book serves as a bible for flamenco style lyrics that you can turn to when you want to be inspired by something simple, direct and from the inside. It doesn't take more than 4 verses to tell your life story" 

We have nothing more to say, because we believe that everything has already been said. TRA TRA!

  • Author: Francisco José Rodriguez Marín 
  • Number of pages: 936 pages
  • Book binding style: Paperback
  • Language: Spanish
  • ISBN: 9788496133563

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