Cáceres Ceramic Bell Mug
Cáceres Ceramic Bell Mug

Cáceres Ceramic Bell Mug

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You can now have one of our traditional ceramic jewels from Cáceres in your home. Our potter Jose is neither more nor less than the fifth generation of potters in his family and tries to maintain and preserve the same artisan techniques and motifs that his ancestors used.

These hand-painted ceramic mugs are ideal for a quiet breakfast or snack. They are characterized by the floral motifs so typical of pottery from Cáceres as well as by the bright colors of their edges and decorated interiors.

This ceramic piece preserves the tradition of a centuries-old trade, so the motifs and colors may vary. We will send you the ones we have available, but do not worry, they are all very cool.

In addition, our potter assures us that due to the firing processes to which the clay and its lacquers are subjected, this ceramic is microwave-safe.

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