Zarro Vermouth - Small

Zarro Vermouth - Small

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This Zarro vermouth is the best accompaniment for the timeless classic aperitifs: glidas (typical Basque delicacy), olives, chips and don't forget our acorn fed Iberian ham! 

This Zarro Vermouth from Madrid was created In 1968, when Spain entered into Eurovision with Massiel's La, la, la and vermouth was homemade and made in pubs.  

Carlos Muñecas, patriarch and pioneer in everything to do with vermouth. It took him years to find the perfect combination of aromatic herbs to infuse and add a unique flavour to his wine. His persistence led him to finally find the very best secret formula called "vermut de grifo embotellado" (Bottled draught vermouth). 

  • Size: 18,75 cl
  • Alcohol content: 15%

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