White Clay Vase with Wave Pattern
White Clay Vase with Wave Pattern

White Clay Vase with Wave Pattern

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This tall wave patterned vase is ideal for long stem flowers and dried flowers. If you want to use the vase for fresh flowers, that need watering, we recommend placing the vase onto a small plate, to avoid getting water all over your surfaces, which happens because the vase is not glazed, the porosity of the clay is high. 

The vases give any room a modern, elegant and aesthetically pleasing look. The vases work well in groups of three and we have different designs to mix and match together to create a trio of stylish vases. 

The same traditional 100 year old artisan techniques are used to create the vases, showing the extensive history of Spanish pottery. They are made using the same methods as the famous Spanish 'botijos', that were used to transport water and keep it fresh and cool. These vases are a charming and high quality decoration to add to your home, so why not start your collection today? 

  • Measurements: 11 x 26 x 11 cm
  • Being a handmade product, measurements may vary
  • The inside isn't glazed, meaning the clay is porous. we recommend not filling it with water. 

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