Menorcan Sandals - Navy

Menorcan Sandals - Navy

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The Menorcan sandals are the traditional footwear choice of the island of Menorca. They were used by the rural population, because they were strong and resistant for working in the fields. When they were first made, they were made from cow leather or ox skin, but with the arrival of the first cars onto the island, the soles were made from old car wheels, which made them even more resistant. 

Since then, they have become a summer classic. for adults and children, they are comfortable, durable and very easy to style. have you got your sandals this year yet? 

Our sandals follow all of the island's traditional processes of production, making the sandals as special and as comfortable as always. They are made from plush leather, the inside of the sandal is made from natural leather and the sole is rubber, so that you can enjoy all the walking that you want


leather sandal in Navy colour with a grey sole.

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