Tarde de peli, manta y palomitas

Movie afternoon, blanket and popcorn

Well, it seems that the cold has arrived and so has the movie, blanket and popcorn season and at Real Fábrica we are going to help you enjoy these moments to the fullest.
We want to give you some sparkly popcorn, movie ideas and of course tell you about the best blankets to snuggle up on the couch.

Popcorn, but adds something interesting.

In a large frying pan, put a generous splash of olive oil to give them a little flavor. When the oil is a little hot, add the corn kernels, stir them a little so that they are well coated, and cover the pan. Ideally, the lid you use has a hole so that the steam can escape, otherwise it leaves a hole on one side.
olive oil
When you hear them "pop", lower the heat to medium-low temperature and wait about 4 minutes or so, do not let them all cook because they can burn.
And now comes the fantasy.
Add a good paprika, another splash of good oil and stir well. That's it, you'll go from boring popcorn to delicatessen popcorn.
paprika the airplane

Let's go with the movies:

Do you know how Spotify, the streaming music giant, was created? Playlist is your series, a miniseries of 6 chapters and each one dedicated to one of the actors in this story, the creator, the artist, the industry... You have it on Netflix.
The last ones in line , a series about friendship that will surely touch your heart, you will laugh and cry. You have it on Netflix too.
And if you like gastronomy, which we know you do, The Bear on Disney+, Carmy, a young haute cuisine chef, returns home to Chicago to run his family's sandwich shop. As he struggles to transform the store and himself, he works alongside a team of toughs who ultimately reveal themselves to be his chosen family.

Let's go with the blankets

Little is said about blankets and how much they improve a good rainy afternoon of popcorn and a movie.
Choose between our three types of blankets, those made of mohair, merino wool or virgin sheep's wool.

Mohair Blankets

Ezcaray mohair blankets are passed down from generation to generation and are perfect for an afternoon on the couch, popcorn and a movie. Soft and warm and bright colors. They are made from one of the most luxurious natural fibers in the world: Angora goat hair.
mohair blanket

Sheep virgin wool blankets

The well-known "Mantas Maragatas del Val" since time immemorial are blankets made of Pure Virgin Wool, with artisanal and traditional manufacture.
The wool is 100% pure sheep, and the manufacturing processes create a light fabric that retains heat, while being perfectly breathable.
Maragata blanket

Merino wool blankets

Made with wool from the mountains of Cádiz, Merino sheep can graze peacefully in one of the greenest areas of Andalusia and provide one of the softest wool in our country. That together with the most modern designs and we have an ideal blanket.

merino wool blanket

What do you say? Ready for an afternoon of blankets, popcorn and a movie?

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