One of our hallmarks of our physical Real Fábrica store on C/ Cervantes are our display windows.

Although we have always had them very cute (I already say it all) I think that the DecorAcción moment of 2018 in the neighborhood of letters was a turning point.

DecorAcción is a great decoration and interior design festival in which the neighborhood stores participate by decorating our stores.

Real Factory Showcase Victoria Sneakers

In 2018 we filled the store with our iconic Victoria sneakers. We played not only with the shop windows but with the entire facade, the truth is that you passed by there and it did not leave you indifferent.

In 2019 we covered the store with esparto grass curtains, and candy, look in the windows.

Violet candy showcase

With the classic violet candies we made two large crowns that framed the candy box, the time we spent gluing the violets one by one. But the result was certainly worth it.

Since that moment the windows have played a crucial role in the decoration of the store. We like them to make an impact and make people feel the need to stop.

We always try to take a look at the products, how to use them, how to place them, how to combine them.

Every once in a while we start thinking about it, we choose a theme and we give it a whirl. We like to put a lot of effort into every detail, but look at this wonderful "shawl" that we made with paper

In summer, for example, it is gazpacho time so we tell the recipe in our own way. We use our pewter tableware, ceramics from Cáceres , olive boards, and botijos to talk about this recipe that is ours and look how wonderful it is.

A few days ago, by magic, or by the art of Bacchus, the wine carafe opened and the red wine splashed happily on the window, indicating that it was time to celebrate the great harvest festival and that the hard work of harvesting the grapes has come to an end. Autumn has already arrived at Real Fábrica.

And of course we are already thinking about Christmas because the Polvorones have already arrived at the store :)

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