At Real Fábrica Española we aim to bring attention again to our country, our secrets, our industry, our businesses, the way of manufacturing our products and the history of our artisans.

Our goal with this initiative is to look into the future in favor of a greater force: to defend what is ours.
But this project is not an exercise of nostalgia, it is a project about common identity. We do not want to talk about dead products or brands, but to rediscover products that are still "alive and kicking".
We agree with the designer and architect Juli Capella when he states in his book 101 icons of Spanish design: "this is not a story about the past, but a Weekly Report of what's still interesting and of the future material of our busy country".
Taking consciousness of a future in which the city centers are moved by culture and tourism, together, hand in hand, revaluing the memory of the everyday.