Las mejores conservas de Galicia

The best preserves in Galicia

What if we return to Galicia?

On the last trip to the Galician Community, after visiting Nano and Celso , I went to see my favorite canneries, Jimena came with me and we took some impressive photos.

Preserves are a fundamental part of the baskets of delicatessen products that we sell at Real Fábrica. I needed some good preserves, and artisan ones of course, and I remembered that my aunt loved hedgehog eggs (a very top product) and specifically those from this Galician cannery, so I went there to look for more and try 😊😋

The Galician preserves that we have at Real Fábrica come directly from the Ría de Arousa, where the marine wealth is impressive, which favors the cultivation of clams, cockles or mussels grown in the famous rafts (floating nurseries).

The entire production and marketing process is manual and everything is controlled in the factory, from when the seafood enters the plant, processing, packaging, and until labeling, packaging and subsequent shipping.

Here you can see how one by one the preserves are filled with the best Galician seafood.

Of course I had to try some other cans, with the excuse of Jimena taking the photos I became like Quico 😀, I refer to the tests.

I was talking to them while they were putting in each razor clam , each scallop , each mussel, one by one, then packing each can with its corresponding net and its sticker, too, one by one.

At the end of the party we had an aperitif and this was the result. Do you understand now why I love my job?

If you want to try any of these preserves made with a lot of love from Galicia, you can either make your own pack, or choose one of the ones we already have made: Snack Pack, Healthy Pack or the Best of the Best Pack .

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