Celso y sus cuchillos

Celso and his knives

We continue our trip through Galicia. Getting to where Celso lives is not an easy task but we got there. Celso lives in a town in “deep Galicia” near Taramundi on the border with Asturias, there he creates handmade knives and tableware that are truly amazing.

It took six months for Celso's first knives to arrive at the store, six months! and Celso “exports” his works of art to Korea and Japan and I had to insist a little (when I propose something I don't stop until I get it) and now we already have his knives in Real Fábrica, so Celso exports to very distant countries and He also sells his works of art in a "little shop" in Madrid. :)

They are the knives that I have in the van and really every time I use them I think the same thing, how can I explain so that everyone knows, the marvel of craftsmanship that these knives are.

I'm going to try it, the blade of the knives is made with stainless steel, specifically, and for those in the know, 14C28, which is a very high quality steel. For the handle it uses wood from forestry units such as boxwood, birch, granadillo walnut, uz and tajibo. Just because of the quality of the raw material he uses, the final product is the bomb, but if we also add Celso's experience and his good work, I truly tell you that you will be amazed by these knives.

Celso told us that a chef told him that since he started using his cutlery, the plates arrive at the table clean. When Celso asked him the reason, he explained that when you make a cut, it cuts perfectly and the fork really stings and this is a way to also enjoy the food, to enjoy the utensils. Celso says it is thanks to the warmth and quality of the wood.

I will also tell you a curiosity: the traditional table knife has a peculiarity that surprises people, it has no point, it ends square, it is a characteristic of the knives that are made in the area where Celso lives and works.

If you enjoy cooking, we definitely recommend that you try using Celso's onion knife, very useful for cutting vegetables and made of boxwood, granadillo and silver. Right now we don't have them in stock, because you already know that craftsmanship is like that... slowly but surely. As soon as we have them again we will tell you on social networks.

I could be posting photos and photos of Jimena, they are all beautiful, but I'm not going to go overboard. I have opened a Pinterest board of Spanish artisans so you can see what is missing.

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