Artesanía gallega-Cerámica Unzueta

Galician crafts-Unzueta Ceramics

It's time to get the blog going again, right? Instagram is great, but sometimes it falls a little short for me to tell you everything I want, so I said what if I go back to the blog? Well I'm back. :)

Those of you who know me and Real Fábrica know that the favorite part of my job is to go on a trip through emptied Spain, or as I call it fortunate Spain, to visit my artisans and also to find new ones who make jewelry from the crafts. that I can bring you to the store.

In February, with my new van (this deserves another entire post just for it) I went to Galicia to visit some of the artisans we have in the "terriña".

The first time I arrived in Galicia my heart beat strong, with the amount of artisans and products I found, so much so that, today, 10 years later, I believe that what there is in Galicia is unique and since In my opinion, it is thanks in part to the Galician character: being at home with the lareiras, manual work, slow work, perfectionism..., all that makes Galician craftsmanship very special, so why not start my travels from 2022 here.

During confinement, (whew it seems like it was centuries ago) I asked the artisans to record videos for us to tell us how they worked. At first Nano told me no, but he recorded one for us, then another... and he liked it so much that he came up with us and now has a YouTube channel . Honestly, it doesn't surprise me because he knows a lot about ceramics, enamels and also has a gift for communication.

On his channel he gives many tips, from how to make a handle with the traditional milking technique to, for example, the decoration technique with antler or pear. Their videos show their craftsmanship and I truly tell you that they are very interesting, take a look.

Since arriving in Galicia from Eibar, Nano has not stopped investigating. He makes his own kilns like good artisans, he learned the Oleiros pottery technique and, not content with this, he traveled to New Zealand and thanks to what he learned there he developed a unique enamel technique that makes us all fall in love with his pieces.

Being the tenth anniversary of Real Fábrica, we wanted to do something special, so we called Jimena from Volvoreta to accompany us and capture the wonder of these jobs and one thing I can tell you, we have succeeded, Jimena's photos are as spectacular as the work of our artisans.

If you've been wanting more, on Instagram I'm uploading stories with the trips I take and very funny videos.

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  • Fariña

    Un auténtico “loco” por expresar en cerámica lo que siente. Es una maravilla contar con toda esta gente que expresa su estado en piezas que perdurarán en el tiempo. Saludos de un “inútil “ ceramista

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