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Ezcaray blankets

The best blankets in the world, ezcaray blankets

It seems that this year we are going to turn on the heating a little less, right? But nothing prevents us from having a good blanket to curl up with at night to watch TV warm, and at Real Fábrica we have the most loving blankets, the Ezcaray blankets .

bedsore blankets

I'll tell you a little more about the history and how they make this jewel of Spanish craftsmanship .

One of the things that La Rioja can boast of (and not the only one) are the Ezcaray blankets.


Ezcaray is a municipality in Rioja that goes from 2,000 inhabitants in the low season to more than 15,000 in the summer. Tourists come to Ezcaray to visit the beautiful town, to eat well and to see its blanket factory. Since 1930, the Ezcaray Factory has been producing blankets, scarves, and scarves, always with the best raw materials that artisans and expert hands transform into the final product. The entire process is carried out in La Rioja.

Snuggling and warming yourself with a Mohair blanket from Ezcaray is like snuggling in a 100% Spanish handcrafted product .

Now that you know the jewel you can have in your hands, which model should you choose?

Currently at Real Fábrica we have some different models: Large Mohair blankets, in solid colors and prints.

bedsore blanket
bedsore blanket
blanket circles

Mohair is a natural fiber with great softness, shine and great calorific value, but if you want your blanket to last as long as possible, here are a series of recommendations:

Using a hard bristle brush, brush the blanket in the direction of the hair.

How do you know which is the correct direction? If you're doing it right, the blanket stays smooth and doesn't ruffle. When winter is over and you are not going to use it for a few months, brush it, air it and then store it in a plastic bag in a closed place. We leave you a video so you can see the brushing process.

Tell us, which one would you choose? Plain, stripes, brighter or more neutral colors. Take a look at Real Fábrica, it's a great gift .

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