Dulces de navidad en Real Fábrica

Christmas sweets at Real Fábrica

That time of year comes when it is allowed to treat yourself and try different Christmas Sweets .

Christmas candies

Every year I "make the effort" to try different sweets to only have in the store the ones that I like the most and that I know will be successful, it is not difficult with the great products that we have in Spain.

Mantecados Felipe II

Let's start with the undisputed kings of Christmas sweets, Felipe II's Polvorones , we are not wrong in telling you that they are the best. In the 16th century, the Count of Benavente offered King Felipe II and his wife one of these sweets and they were captivated by this work of art, because yes, Felipe II mantecados are numbered like the works of art and are only available from October to December.

Alicante nougats

Some good Alicante nougats are a must on any Christmas Eve table and at Real Fábrica we know it. I have selected Coloma García's Alicante nougats for their quality and variety.

If you can't decide which type of nougat you like the most, you have the mini ones with 3 different varieties .

mini nougats

If you are sure which one you like the most, we have them in "normal" size, choose your favorite flavor and take it home.

hard nougat

Mini Wafers

I admit that the wafers are delicious, but they had already beaten me with the box... The carousel spins and has music and is full of cinnamon wafers made in Andalusia. The carousel will look perfect on your Christmas table.

Mini cinnamon wafers


Perfect for that after-dinner moment, someone serves the coffee, another the gin and tonics, the children have already gone to play, that is the moment when you have to take out the candy, you will eat one after the other while you put the world to rights.

Almond Honey Donuts

La Castaña has been making these Honey Roscos since 1790, imagine what a flavor it is, something that has been around for so long and I can tell you it is delicious.

Honey donuts

Honey donuts

Is it your turn to bring the Christmas candy? Make your own candy pack, a good base is this sweet pack, add some mantecados or Polvorones and you will be the king this Christmas.

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