Ideas de regalos para todos

Gift ideas for everyone

Do you need last minute ideas for your Christmas gifts?

I have made a selection, according to the tastes or ages of some things to make it easier for you. Ro to the rescue.

Ideas for your house or for your sister's first house.

The Maragata blanket is perfect for saving a little heating, you can add a candelabra and some candles to create a little bit of home.

If you want something decorative, esparto animals are ideal on a wall, I tell you, I have a few, or maybe some kitchenware.

Gifts for the little ones in the house

For the little ones in the house, I suggest introducing them to traditional games, tabas , some marbles , some bowling. Another option is apuzzle of Spain or a beautiful book of maps. The point is that you spend time with the little ones in the house.

The delicatessen

We all have a friend who loves delicatessen products, and if you don't, it's you :))
You have all kinds of options, packs of all prices , or a good oil or perhaps the new addition to Real Fábrica, the Martín Sessé artisanal gin .

Gifts for those who love to travel

The book section of Real Fábrica has been increasing over the years and many of the new additions are about travel, getaways, traveling outdoors...
Accompany the book with a San Andresiño in the shape of a boat , a symbol of travel or a pewter set to carry in the motorhome.

And finally, the cooks

We have the best products to make a good paella , a basket of the best oils or some of the cookbooks we have.
And that's it for our ideas, and if you don't find what you want, ask me on Instagram and I'll help you.
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