Juegos clásicos

Classic games

I am totally in love with the children's games that we have in the store, their vintage feel and above all that they are classic games of a lifetime, I love them.

Now that screens have captured children's attention, the games we have at Real Fábrica can help you connect with the little ones in the house and spend a pleasant time with them.

Taba game

There are several ways to play tabas , we will tell you the easiest one.

They grab the boards and throw themselves to the ground.

The ball is thrown into the air and with the same hand that we have thrown we collect all the tabas before the ball bounces on the ground, one by one.

marble game

Who hasn't played marbles in the park? A "gua" or hole was made in the ground. The first player to put the marbles in the hole wins.

In this case our game has 20 glass marbles and a piece of wood with holes of different sizes. It involves throwing one or more marbles to try to get close to others or insert them through the holes in the wood and thus obtain points.

Bowling game

This bowling game is ideal, they are simply mini bowling and of course the one who throws the most bowls at the same time wins.

Badge game

I have left my favorite for last, the badges . One of the most famous traditional games.

Composed of 25 plates in which we will insert some cardboard with drawings. It is played by drawing a soccer field, and in turns you hit the plates with your fingers to get a "ball" into the opponent's goal.

What do you think?

We encourage you to play with the little ones and spend time with them away from the screens and with the usual games.

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