Los cosméticos y perfumes de siempre

The usual cosmetics and perfumes

The usual cosmetics and perfumes for one of my resolutions this year: self-care.

One of my resolutions this year is self-care, we only have one body and one mind and we want it to last for many years, so the more we take care of them the better.

In order not to leave my purpose behind, I am gradually setting goals that I know I will achieve, without pressure.

Rocío and capo in Real Fábrica

Thanks to my dog ​​Capo I walk a lot, taking him for a walk helps me achieve that goal. Since surfing came into my life, what can I tell you, because I do a lot of sports, so on that side we are doing well.

I'm looking forward to the good weather so I can get away with the travel van to breathe fresh air, which always helps, not only to move my body, it's also great for me to disconnect. I need it a lot, after Christmas.

And another thing I'm doing is dedicating 10 minutes a day to consciously pampering my body.

You're going to laugh but tell me how many people do you shower with a day? Yes, you are in the shower and you are thinking about the washing machine, about your boss, about your son and the excursion, about your mother who told you to do I don't know what... and so on an endless list of people with whom You are taking a shower and you without realizing it.

Well, nothing, in my house I'm already telling you that that's over. I shower alone, enjoying the smells, the warm water, the sensations... you go from a normal shower to a shower of 10. And I have brought some soaps to Real Factory... what smells, how wonderful.

Until recently I was using the old Maja Soap , the one that smells like a fair, I assure you that you will come out of the shower smelling like heaven.

Maja Soap

Now I've moved on to this one

Summer green soap

Vent d'Estiu soap with its vegetable base of coconut oil leaves your skin hydrated, soft and smelling of citrus, sandalwood and white musk, a luxury for all the senses.

And the next one, I think it will be the last addition, the Vintage Madrid Soap , I'll tell you about it, but it looks cool.

Vintage Madrid Soap

This year we have also decided to bring an organic solidshampoo and conditioner that smell great and are also very convenient for traveling, I always carry them in the van.

Solid Shampoo Fresh Grapes

After the "conscious" shower, a little cologne from Álvarez Gómez to transport me directly to childhood and ready to continue the day.

Colonia Álvarez Gómez

Eat well, call my friends, read more, be with my family...I need little else to take care of myself, I already tell you that I will surely fulfill this year's resolution and I will also enjoy it.

And now tell me, what are your goals for 2023?

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