Buganvilla Mohair Blanket

Buganvilla Mohair Blanket

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If La Rioja can boast of anything, it is their blankets, which since the 1930s have sheltered all the lucky people who have one. Soft and warm, they make a night of sofa, film and blanket the best plan in the world.

If you have not been able to inherit one from your mother or your grandmother, give up the Swedish quilt and return to the blanket of a lifetime, woven with patience, love, and angora goat hair. You will feel sorry for the summer to come so that you cannot use it.

  • Measurements: 130 x 150 cm
  • Composition 73% Mohair and 27% Sheep's Wool
  • Ref .: P3325

The recommended maintenance for this blanket to be eternal is to brush it with a hard spike in the direction of the hair. It is recommended never to wash it with water, in any case dry cleaning.

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