Majorcan Kiova Babutxes
Majorcan Kiova Babutxes
Majorcan Kiova Babutxes

Majorcan Kiova Babutxes

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Handmade slippers made in Inca, Mallorca, with bovine leather of the highest quality and hand-sewn. These are a must in any Spanish family, because everyone has had a pair at least once in their life.

Its a real treat to change into these when you come back home, and the fanciest ones. The sheepskin gives you all the comfort and warmth necessary to make these the most comfortable slippers you've ever own.
They don't have a sole, but don't worry because you won't slide on these, they're also quite soft, so they will get the shape of your feet when you wear them.
Available from sizes 34 to 45.
As they are made out of real leather, you'll simply have to brush the dirt out of them with a damp towel. Throwing them into the washing machine is not the better option if you want them to last.

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