Mini Basket

Mini Basket

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Remember that one day your grandmother loaded him with walnuts and another filled him with wool, or the same thing, there were some kittens taking a nap by the stove. Made by hand in Andalusia by those great artisans you remember sitting at the door of their white Andalusian house, with colorful geraniums in their window. They carefully braided what would later be a basket, a burrito or a planter. You can fill it with other products from our store and make a gift basket.

  • The measurements of the baskets, being handmade, can vary by a few centimeters.
  • Approximate measurements of the base: 9 x 9 cm
  • Approximate measurements of the mouth: 26 x 22 cm
  • Approximate height: 13 cm
  • Handle length: 4 cm
This product is not produced in Spain. In Real Fábrica we have 0.5% of products that we have decided to include in the store because despite not being a national production, they are in our catalog for some specific reason. In this case you have asked us a lot to have cheap baskets to be able to make your packs of Spanish gourmet products, and here you have it. But it is our responsibility to inform you. The baskets / bags that our artisans produce in Spain are made with better quality, dedication and technique than this, and for that reason they have a higher price (any basket you find selling for less than € 15 is not produced in Spain, and whoever says otherwise we believe you are not being honest.)Nice photo of @carmentebar and @beatriztormenta

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